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( What'd you ever do?)

ode to the entry that could have been [17 Jun 2006|12:32am]
[ mood | restless ]

What I experienced today could have been an lj entry for the record books. There is just one problem - I've vowed not to share the story of today until New Hampshire, when I will have the chance to tell Stevie on one of our famous walks.

So let's call this entry an ode to the entry that could have been. sure...i'll try to recreate the picture when i return from New Hampshire....but it won't have the same freshness. It will be...stale.

Here is my compromise: a taste-test. This is the narrative equivalent of chicken on a toothpick in the mall foodcourt - key words.

Here are three key words: TIES, FLASHLIGHTS, and CIGARETTES.

GAME: whoever has the most creative guess as to what my story is gets..........a coffee (or similarly-priced item). please leave your guesses as comments.

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leave the ring on the rail for the wheels to nullify [29 May 2006|02:40am]
[ mood | chipper ]

today i left umass for the last time as an undergraduate. my last view was the sun setting over the mountains...then i drove off blasting "in the aeroplane over the sea."

that's what i call a sentimental moment.

most of my time since then has involved moving heavy boxes from one place to another. tomorrow i have to make room for everything seeing as i am currently unemployed and will be living at home at least temporarily.

on the plus side: i just watched a few episodes of scrubs. oh, mr. braff...he knows that we love the silliness.

so yea...the passive mention of being done with college...i thought i'd sit down and reflect on that - but honestly, who cares? i mean i think it's much more interesting that i ate dinner with gordon and katie or that i now own a shirt from the eric hamako collection (no, it's not one of the hawaiian ones)...honestly, what's more interesting than chips and salsa (free in the chili's lounge) or a "medium" sized shirt that's miraculously the largest shirt i own.

if post-college sentimentality suddenly becomes interesting...i promise you...you'll read it here first.

( What'd you ever do?)

the greatest white liar. [21 May 2006|06:28pm]
now that is a great album.

but really i just wanted a cool-sounding title for my post.

anyway, design complete.

good luck, 3rd-try lj.

( What'd you ever do?)

tweak. [21 May 2006|06:17pm]
here is another entry.

this is purely for the sake of aesthetics

...fuck can i spell?

it's ok as long as i look the part.

( What'd you ever do?)

3rd journal. [21 May 2006|05:40pm]
you have arrived at my third livejournal attempt.

phases one and two have failed miserably...but i have a lot of hope for this post-college version.

let's do this.

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